Tony Pelli

Tony is an experienced supply chain risk consultant at BSI Supply Chain Solutions with a broad range of specialized skill sets, including experience in conducting end-to-end, enterprise-level supply chain risk assessments for clients and their supply chain partners. As a member of BSI’s Advisory team, he also helps clients design, implement and refine their supply chain security programs. Tony has led assessments where he models, forecasts, and quantifies the risk of cargo theft, counterfeiting, and other supply chain risks, and has assessed over $50 billion in trade in the electronics, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries over the past three years. Tony has also designed loss prevention and security assessments, mapped and assessed security and business continuity risk in supply chains for Fortune 500 companies, and assisted in the successful implementation of supply chain security plans, policies, and procedures.

Tony also worked in BSI’s Milton Keynes office, where he launched the Supply Chain Solutions offerings in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) while driving sales throughout the region. In a prior role at BSI, Tony worked as a Senior Supply Chain Intelligence Analyst, directing the work of other analysts and writing intelligence briefings in addition to recruiting and managing a team of junior associate intelligence analysts.

Tony has also completed intensive training in non-proliferation and arms control at the Center for International Trade and Security and assessed the impact of strategic trade controls on legitimate commercial trade. He is frequently asked to speak at conferences and universities about quantifying the risk of cargo theft, supply chain security, and other supply chain risks. Tony has a degree in History and International Affairs from the University of Georgia.